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At the moment I own 16 arcade machines, 1 pachislo slot machine, and 1 pinball table. They are all in various working conditions. Below is a list and their current conditions.

Arcade MachinesCondition
Arkanoid0% working
Berzerk0% working
Bubble Bobble100% working
Centipede (Cocktail cabinet)100% working
Countertop Champion 2100% working
Galaxian100% working
GauntletConversion 70%
Klax100% working
Mr. Do80% working
Over DriveMonitor working
Pole Position0% working
Space Invaders (Cocktail cabinet)100% working
StargateConversion 80%
The Pit Boss100% Working
Track & FieldMonitor Working

Pinball MachineCondition
Hollywood Heat (1986, Gottleib)80%, some fixing required

Pachislo Machine (slot)Condition
Japanese Baseball100% need to replace lock

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